Fact First Disinfo-Lab

Working to reduce the spread of disinformation across cyberspace.

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Who we are?

We are a team of policy practitioners, academics, social activists, digital strategists, and researchers working collaboratively to explore creative solutions to the most pressing issues facing democracy and governance in Pakistan.

How the lab works

Data, Democracy and Governance Lab is a social enterprise working to produce knowledge on democracy and governance-centric issues using research and data analytics. We engage with relevant stakeholders including policymakers, academics, and political leadership to deliberate on governance-related challenges and to provide them with tools and knowledge to make informed decisions. Our team members have worked with the most prominent research and academic institutes, think tanks, and international organizations.

What we do

Young Researchers Fellowship Program in Social Sciences

Young Researchers Fellowship in Social Sciences is a collaborative initiative of the DDGL with several universities in Pakistan to promote research culture in the domains of social sciences, with a particular focus on inclusive development. The fellowship aims to train the next generation of social sciences researchers to explore the most concerning issues facing Pakistan’s economy and society, and to find the most plausible and creative solutions for inclusive development. We partner with the higher educational institutions, think tanks, and social and economic development organizations to enable young people to conduct meaningful research.

Civic Face Fellows Scholars Program

Through this initiative, we work to inculcate critical thinking skills among students from public and low-cost private schools with an aim of fostering an inclusive society. The interactive learning model provides an experience to the students from lower-income neighborhoods where learning is interactive and allows room for individual opinion and analysis—something denied to them in the local education system. These students are mentored by the young high achieving role models carefully selected through a competitive process, and trained by experts from various disciplines from dramatics to history, to philosophy and arts and music.